Retail Packaging
Custom Packaging in Mexico

Custom Packaging Mexico

Custom packaging in Mexico has proven to increase profitability and maximize savings. NAPS has assisted many companies, who were manufacturing a high volume of products in China, establish a Mexico custom packaging facility in order to refine their supply chain and add flexibility to their operation. Because of the increase in shipping costs from China and competition for freight space, NAPS has recognized the benefits of establishing a retail packaging facility in Mexico:

  • Ability to control shipping expenses
  • Receive/distribute products on time to the U.S.
  • Just-in-time delivery to corporate headquarters in the U.S., to distributing centers in the U.S. or even directly to the consumer

Establishing a Mexico custom packaging facility poses a challenge for companies that lack the experience of working with a different governmental structure, unfamiliar human resource practices, new and complex legal and environmental requirements. With offices in Tijuana, Mexicali and Ciudad Juarez, NAPS:

  • Has 135 highly trained local personnel that provide administrative services, specifically in the areas of obtaining governmental permits, negotiating rental contracts, recruiting and managing labor, payroll, customs compliance, environmental permits, etc.
  • Designs and delivers a customized service solution that saves you money through economies of scale, operational efficiencies, affordable hourly wages and by reducing shipping costs

eNAPS Initiative

Allows our clients to analyze, utilize and directly access their information online in "real-time". The online InfoCenter provides our clients the ability to:

  • Monitor attendance, shipments, status of interviews, permits and other indicators from any remote location
  • Monitor status of permits, audits, compliance and other quantifiable indicators.
  • Access accounting, billing and any financial transactions