Mexico Sourcing
Sourcing Quality Products in Mexico

Sourcing in Mexico

NAPS offers a specialized service for sourcing in Mexico. In the summer of 2010, NAPS launched a purchasing initiative to benefit clients buying materials in Mexico. Our primary focus is to reduce the costs for our clients currently sourcing in Mexico.

This initiative has proven to substantially reduce our client’s costs in product sourcing. Mexico offers a premier location to reduce expenses, increase profitability and also gives access to high quality materials at a competitive cost.

Sourcing in Mexico can be quite complex if unfamiliar with companies and suppliers located there. Almost any product can be sourced locally if you have the market knowledge and access to reliable resources.

NAPS’ Mexico Sourcing Program

NAPS has a sourcing coordinator on staff that works with each client directly on their sourcing needs and provides guidance through the process. The program is designed to assist our clients source products locally that not only reduce their cost but also expedite lead time. This is an added value service that falls under our Maquila Shelter Program.

The client determines what product(s), service(s) and or raw materials are needed for their operation. Our involvement in the process depends on the demands of each individual client. As an expert in this field, NAPS contacts respective suppliers to help the client obtain samples and prototypes of desired products and materials.

How it Works:

  • Client shares detailed information about product(s) requested, shows a sample if applicable and expresses the priority of the item to the sourcing coordinator
  • Client determines if a secondary process can be done in house, such as plating, tooling, etc. (depending on the nature of the product needed) or if the client prefers to keep it external
  • The sourcing coordinator begins contacting local vendors that would best fit the client’s request by understanding their capabilities, requests quotes and negotiates price
  • The client chooses how they would like to proceed and what products they would like to purchase based on samples and prices obtained by the sourcing coordinator
  • The sourcing coordinator works directly with the supplier and client to make sure the purchase is executed properly and in a timely manner

To learn more about NAPS’ Sourcing Program and for more information about reducing costs by packaging or manufacturing in Mexico, contact us today!