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History of North American Production Sharing, Inc. (NAPS)

North American Production Sharing (NAPS) was established in 1991 by company principals Richard Jaime and William Lew. Richard Jaime had previous experience in the Maquiladora Industry through his work with the now defunct Assemble in Mexico (AIM), based in San Diego. Jaime sought to develop a better model for managing manufacturing plants emphasizing affordable and high quality service based on well thought out systems. When Lew was introduced to Jaime he also saw the potential to develop a business that would bring a fresh approach to the established model of maquiladora management in Mexico.

William Lew relocated from San Francisco and together they started from the ground up, doing market research and developing strategies to bring in business. Lew’s expertise was in the banking industry, finance and contracts. They acquired manufacturing directories and contacted companies. Jaime developed many of the company’s systems with the assistance of Gloria Madrid, a contact from his days working at AIM. Madrid and Jaime focused on assembling a team that would be able to support numerous manufacturing operations in Tijuana without sacrificing service. Today Gloria Madrid is the Administrator for NAPS Operations in Mexico.

Eduardo Garcia, NAPS MIS Manager, also formed part of the original team and was key in automating and deploying technological solutions that would enable the company to achieve sustainable growth. Kaye Emkovik joined the San Diego office to lead Business Development in 1993 and has been instrumental in growing the company.

Throughout its history, NAPS has focused on offering unparalleled serviced designed to meet U.S. business standards. The NAPS business model ensures success on a long- term basis for both clients and NAPS. While clients are free to become independent after an initial contract, most elect to stay with the company.

NAPS has expanded to India and managed an operation in China. In Mexico, NAPS currently manages operations primarily in Baja California and Chihuahua. To date, NAPS has worked with clients from Canada, Great Britain, France, India, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and the U.S.A.