Case Studies
Case Study: Monster Cable

Monster Cable

After working with quality manufacturers in Asia, Monster Cable recognizes that opening a Mexico manufacturing facility with NAPS significantly improves their bottom line

Monster Cable Products was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, then a laser-fusion engineer at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Lee was an audiophile and professional drummer who set out to improve audio quality by developing high performance speaker cables. Lee developed a better construction for cables that would expand the clarity, dynamics and power of audio signals. Through his efforts, Monster Cable became one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance cables for audio, video and computer components.

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Speck Products

Speck Uncovers Significant Cost Savings on Air Freight & Packaging Materials by Establishing a Facility in Mexico

Speck Products has been a market leader in the electronic accessory category, selling fun and unique products for every personality. Founded in 2001, Speck’s focus on innovation, lifestyle, design and fashion has made Speck a one-stop shop for accessories for your iPod, iPhone, smart phone, laptop and other electronic devices. Speck strongly believes that device cases are meant not only to keep these delicate devices protected but that they should be stylish to reflect the character and unique taste of every customer, making them more fun to own and use. Its products can be found worldwide at Apple retails stores and at most major electronics dealers.

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